Smile Gallery

Welcome to our Smile Gallery.  Please enjoy some of our smile transformations.


      "I originally met Dr. Hillman over 7 years ago when we were searching for an orthodontist for our oldest son, now 19. I met with 3 other orthodontists in Antioch and Brentwood and all of them recommended that we pull teeth before we added braces and then said that my son would need two rounds of braces. I felt this was very radical, after all, why would we want to pull adult teeth...isn't there a reason he had them?

    When I met with Dr. Hillman the first thing she said to me is that in my son's case, she could use an extender to widen his small palette which would then accommodate his teeth. Well, she did just that and his smile and teeth are amazing. He never needed the second round of braces, either! I believe that his before and after is still on her website (see kid with red t-shirt in the smile gallery).

     We brought our 2nd son to her as well, as we were so happy with the results from our first son. With our second son, I took him for an exam around 4th/5th grade and she told me that he could wait until all of his adult teeth were in as he would not need the early phase. I appreciate her honesty as it saved us a lot of money. He did get his braces on at age 14 and has an 18 month program. One year in and his facial profile has completely changed and we're excited to see what his smile will look like when the braces do come off.

     My experience with Dr. Hillman is that she is open, honest, friendly and really knows what she is doing. She is giving both of my son's beautiful smiles that will last a lifetime. And, we can't forget, Araceli who manages the office, she is amazingly friendly and organized. I am thrilled that we found Dr. Hillman and highly recommend her for anyone who needs a dentist/orthodontist for their kids."

Kathy N.

Antioch, CA