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Dr. Bonnie Hillman has been at the forefront of an exciting new paradigm in dentistry, practicing the principles of CAMBRA for nearly 20 years.

The acronym CAMBRA stands for “CAries Management By Risk Assessment”. CAMBRA is a method of assessing a patient's caries (cavity) risk and then making prevention and restoration recommendations accordingly. Risk factors include current decay of your child’s teeth, current bacterial challenge, decay history, dietary habits, tooth alignment, current medications, salivary flow, medical conditions, and oral hygiene habits. Dr. Hillman utilizes this information in designing a custom prevention program for each of our patients.

Success in preventing future cavities in our patients, even those at high and moderate risk, have been nothing less than


" I can't believe the difference since we started coming to Dr. Hillman!  Well-worth the time and effort and much better than spending money on cavities" - Patty Wheeler, Oakley, CA






 Amanda Wheeler

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