Caring for Generations

Second generation growing up in local dental practice

Brentwood pediatric dentist Bonnie Hillman has treated thousands of patients since she started her practice in 1981. Now many of those children have families of their own, and are bringing their sons and daughters to Dr. Hillman for their dental care.

Kyle Leiser is one of those dads. He was a patient of Dr. Hillman throughout his childhood and adolescence in the 80's and 90's. And recently, Dr. Hillman placed braces for his son Tyler.

“I always had fun at Dr. Hillman’s when I was a child," says Kyle. “I wanted my children to have the same experience.”

It has definitely worked out that way. 13-year-old Tyler says, “Really good, fun, and easy!”

Dr. Hillman says she has many second generation patients in her practice.

“I feel honored to be entrusted with the care of my patients’ children. As the years have gone by we’ve kept on the leading edge of treatment technology and safety, but our commitment to personal holistic care is the same as it has always been”




 "Dr. Hillman was my dentist as a little girl and I had a great experience.

It's pretty cool that I get to share the same experience with my children. 
We all love Dr. Hillman!"

Dr. Jessica Quesada
Antioch, Ca    












"When I was a girl, I went to Dr. Hillman and was never scared of the dentist. Then when I had my children, I wanted them to have the same good experience. I researched and found that Dr. Hillman was in the same office in Antioch. Happily, my children aren't afraid of the dentist either. When she moved her office to Brentwood, we followed her."

Jazmen Gurule
Pittsburg, CA
with  Jordan (13) and Jasleen (6)



"My granddaughter is a second generation patient of Dr Hillman. She was & is by far the most knowledgeable pediatric dentist in this area. My two children loved going to see her & so does my granddaughter. The staff is friendly & very child oriented & the atmosphere is relaxed & yet run very professionally. I highly recommend Dr Hillman for any procedure your child might need that would make him or her nervous or afraid. She is amazing with young children. I have seen her reschedule a young child who was too nervous & bring them back at another  time so that the experience would not be a negative experience. She is open to & always learning about the latest & most up to date techniques that are available in dentistry. Thank you Dr. Hillman for the great job you have done & continue to do for our family & others."

Pam C

Oakley, CA